Pastry chef, author, TV host, entrepreneur, designer... There are many strings to Roy Fares’ bow. His success can be attributed to a mix of both passion and entrepreneurship, but also a weakness for all that is good in life. Or, as he himself puts it: "Talent only gets you so far – the rest is a lot of hard work".

Roy Fares came to Sweden at the age of six. His family fled the civil war in Lebanon, and in 1990 they started a new life in Örebro. Roy came from a Lebanon with a strong food culture; loud dinners with family and relatives were part of everyday life, and the food was always the focal point around which everyone gathered. In the same way, Roy today wants to make baking a way to socialize with loved ones.

Roy was a messy child. Distracted. "Not entirely hopeless, but always interested in anything except what needed to be done at the moment," he says. But when he cooked and baked, his mess turned into creativity.

Roy’s talent for baking was noticed already in his teens. The same year that he received his apprentice letter he competed in the Swedish championships for young bakers – and won. Not surprising, considering his competitive nature. The gold medal was followed by a bronze medal in the European championships for young bakers, which in turn led to a job at renowned bakery Tössebageriet in Stockholm. In 2010, he was crowned Swedish Pastry Chef of the Year.                    

Since his big breakthrough in 2010, Roy has become one of Sweden's most popular and sought-after pastry chefs. He is the author of several best-selling recipe books, which have been published in several languages; his first book, "Sweet!", came in 2012 and won Måltidakademin’s prize in the category Desserts.

Similarly, two of his books, "United States of Cakes" and "Sweet Spots of New York", have been crowned the world's best cookbooks in the category "American Food" in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2014 and 2017 respectively. In between all of this, he has released the bestsellers "Delicious" and "Cake Hero".

Today, Roy hosts and judges the TV show "Dessertmästarna" for the seventh season in a row, as well as "Julbak med dessertjuryn" for the third year in a row. He is a frequently featured TV personality, who has appeared in everything from TV4's "Kökets baktips" to his own shows "United States of Cakes" and "Roy Fares in America", both on Channel 5. He has released his own collection of kitchen utensils and is known for generously sharing his best recipes with his 200,000 followers in social media.

He can now add “entrepreneur” to his resume. Since 2017, he has been running MR Cake, one of Stockholm's most popular cafés. At MR Cake, US-inspired pastries meet the distinct café culture of Sweden. MR Cake Gothenburg is set to open during the spring of 2019, and judging by the immense interest in the upcoming opening, the lines will be as long on the Swedish west coast as on Rådmansgatan in Stockholm.

With such a long and packed career thus far, one might think that the praised pastry chef would like to wind things down. That is, however, not the case. "I have so much more planned for the future," he says. "I’m just getting started".